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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

So I was sorta supposed to make a post last week but I ended up on the road to the Gold Coast for a bux weekend away and I think my mind got lost in all the fun. I have not drank that much in years and my body is still punishing me for it. Suns Out Guns Out For those that are in Australia right now "How bloody hot is it". The sun is out, the heat is turned up and the country is cooking. It's not the only thing on fire atm. UK Hardcore over the next three weekends here in Sydney is going to be (as Spyro would say) "FUEGO". This weekend we have the annual "OneSeventy" boat party, the line up is filled with so much talent and it's all spread over both levels. Get your sunscreen, stay hydrated (with beer or ciders) and get those dancing shoes ready. I'm opening up back to back with my girl SummaJae and I have to say I love doing these sets with her. She's a super talent and she drops quality every time. Can't wait to hear her new tune on the bigger speakers. Straight after that we have the Code Black showcase at Masif and I'm super keen to be making my way there afterwards to drop a whole heap of my latest tracks including my recently released remix of "The Spectre". It's gonna be wholesome as fuck. I've got about a dozen new tracks to drop as well so if you wanna hear the latest then make sure you catch me. I usually play 11:45pm but double check on the Masif Saturdays facebook page. (Just got word I'm b2b with Weaver 12pm kick off) Everyone is beyond excited for the next edition of HTID at the showgrounds, so many filthy acts and everyone's favourite Frenchcore artist "Sefa" makes his return. We legit can't get enough of the guy. He's just such a lovable character and he just gets right in there when it comes to trolling on Facebook. So much so we made him a moderator of the Subtle Raver Traits group. To cap off January will be the return of The Dropzone, so keen for it. I'm always forever proud of Vendetta7, he's nurtured this event and created something the local ravers love being a part of. The School reunion theme is going to be an interesting one, I think I burnt mine a while back.

Thunderdome Merch Who got theirs?, I've been waiting since November and I only just seen now that on the tracking it was delivered and sign for back in December. I have no idea how to follow that up now. This is the shit part of ordering stuff online, especially from overseas. Queensland Adventures I was up in Brisbane recently for the Ignite event featuring Joey Riot, now I get to do it all again but this time with the super talented Mike Reverie of Lethal Theory Records. The guy is a champion and also an incredible producer. Check out his Red Mix on soundcloud. Also low key making the trip up is one of my favourite girls Lux, I'm actually super chuffed to be having this adventure with her. We're gonna get so turnt haha UBER me home buddy. It's also awesome to see the Activist making the trip up as well, he going to make all his Newcastle fam proud no doubt with his hard edge Psystyle bangers. Year For Internationals I have a strong feeling we are going to get our hands on quite a few UK Hardcore acts this year. Some returning for more adventures but others tasting our scene for the first time. Many of them focusing on quality over quantity now, making sure the release has legs and that the market thirsts for each release. It just shows the change in landscape right about now. I know here in Australia, the wider Harder Styles community has woken to UK Hardcore and slowly slowly they're looking for "the next" to come through. I'm going to personally put it out there that now is the time for everyone that produces to be put on notice. Review what you do, make sure that you are working harder than ever to get music out and prepare for what I think will be a new dawn for UK Hardcore. Fake News Interesting enough, news broke today that the kid in Victoria that passed away from a suspected drug overdose might actually have died from a snake bite. Crazy that the lie can travel the world 10 fold in today's age before the truth can tie it's own shoe laces. What ever happened to truth in media. I guess to be fair it's the way information is sold to the next generation. When you think about it, everyone uses fear to drive the masses. From making your political vote because of the fear of what the other political party will do. They create laws for us to follow and then administer rules that make us fear the consequences. Even with events using Fear Of Missing Out as it's driving force to get you to buy tickets. Fear in offending someone, fear to walk out in the street at night, fear of what another country might or most likely wont even do. All this fear and none of it is founded with any substance. What ever happened to positive messages, investing in awareness, building dreams and giving people hope. When politicians told you what they were going to do for you and not what the other person was going to do to you. Being told it's great to get your hands dirty or to go see the world. You can do anything and the world is your oyster. The scene used to be community based, you bought tickets to spend time with like minded people. Now it's concert based and driven by headliners and the not wanting to be the one that missed out on the action. Call me old fashion but the new trends shit me, that's not very positive of me is it haha #ukhardcore #davepsi #htid

Hanging outside the Agincourt Hotel which will be hosting the next DropZone

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