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Updated: Dec 27, 2018

There is so much happening these days with music releases, events being announced, news and gossip from around the scene. I figured I might, for 2019 start my own little blog. Just something so at the end of the year I can look back and see what was happening throughout the year in our little world of rave.

Unhinged TV

One thing you would've noticed this year is the advent of our monthly online TV stream "Scat Chat". This program features our great mate and host of the show DJ Cayza, my long standing close friend MC D and myself acting like a dickhead whenever I can find an opening. It's been so much fun, the show has really cut through to the average punter who is really connecting with the content we've been providing and we finally have a voice for our community to be heard. We've had some great guests on the show and looking ahead, next year this show is only going to get bigger and better (link).

Next monthIt's the back end of 2018 now but looking forward into January and here in Sydney we have some exciting things a foot. The first event of the year is brought to you by our hooping maestro Krystal Ravegirl (link), followed by the always epic OneSeventy boat party (link). That weekend is going to be huge with OneSeventy during the day and kickons at Masif with Code Black (link), I will feature that night so come down for a bit of a boogie with me. Just to keep you on your toes, Vendetta7 has brought back The Drop Zone with a special school reunion edition (link). Back once again we see the return of HTID to the Showgrounds, it's shaping up to be a huge event with the return of my favourite frenchcore & pioneer of hardstyle, the most talented Sefa (link).

Hosting my close friends from Melbourne Erin & Chris with their first Masif experience

What a year of music

This year I can honestly say has been incredible for UK Hardcore music. There have been so many huge tunes released but also songs that have cut across to other types of events. From the huge EDC style festivals, massive Hardstyle events in Holland and even breaking new ground here in Australia. Watching Minus The Crown do their thing at Hard Island just hit me for six, they really are something to behold live. Also getting to perform with Joey Riot in Brisbane for the Ignite crew was such an experience. Joey is just next level energy and the music he plays so dam hard hitting it should be illegal. For me there have been three personal highlights this year that stand out above the rest: 1) Introducing Spyro and Riko to my rave family here in Australia. These two guys are making huge music and it was just amazing to see the whole party just swarm them once they entered the club. Spyro's "Short Dick Man" has been a huge anthem all year, I play this every set and every dam time the dance floor fills with girls chanting it like it's their footy teams winning song (especially Annmarie as she points to all the small peen boys haha). 2) Not only being the only UK Hardcore artist to perform at this years Defqon.1 Australia Festival but also being able to get up there and do our thing to over 3k ravers with my dearest friend Rob IYF. It was just electric and to know that half the set were either our productions or remixes was literally mind blowing. I will scream this from the top of every mountain but Rob IYF is the most underrated artist in the whole of the UK Hardcore. 3) There have been so many hightlights this year but just to rattle them off the top of my head has been the release of Blah Blah Blah from myself and Riko. Our little flip was a huge success and I had videos pouring in from all over the globe of people either hearing our bootleg or djs playing it out. Hearing the song played through video at a party back in Chile really made me emotional. My fathers side originates from Chile so to know something we did came through the speakers over in Chile is hard to really explain. It was truly emotional, thank you so much Bellanova *muchos besos*. Also one of my all time greatest idols in 'Dune' played the song out to crowd in Germany and not just that but having him, a huge icon of our genre support my other productions as well has just inspired me to no end. Special mention: I really want to give a massive special mention to all my friends down in Canberra, you are all absolutely amazing. The passion for each other and the music is really second to none and to be able to come down there to headline the new Hard Attack event was really special for me. I really take my hat off to Dee and the rest of the crew, you really are building something epic there. Keep pushing forward because the future is bright. p.s. was great to catch up with DJ Cotts too, I love that guy so much, he is seriously the most genuine person I've ever met and I'm so grateful to call him a friend.

The Future

What does the future hold for myself and UK Hardcore. Next year has truly got me excited, the level of productions has really increased in the last year alone. The quality from not just the top tier in Styles and Gammer but also the new generation coming through has really got me beating my chest. The stage is set and I can smell the resurgence of UK Hardcore across the world. I personally have at least a half dozen songs ready to hit the shelves, first up with my Good Enough Flip which was featured on Spyros latest podcast. I also have a track called Drop Bombs to be released on Contagious, my official remix of Ecstasy by Rob Gee and also my Halloween song "Freddys Coming", just waiting to see what Al Storm wants to do with it first. Exciting things are a foot and it's all being driven by the most dedicated all over the globe. Keep getting that music into peoples ears, let them feel the magic we hear in our hearts and lets together unite for what's going to be the most memorable year of our lives.

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