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Sorry I played Frenchcore

So we had the OneSeventy boat party on the weekend and it was unreal. The beautiful harbour, banging beats and an awesome bunch of people all gathered together for some fun on the water. We started getting nervous when the boat turned up a little late but it ended up being only 15 minutes later and it was all systems go with myself and a shoeless SummaJae kicking off the show. I had a mild panic attack at the beginning when my usb failed on the second deck and I had to turn the player off. It didn't restart in time so I quickly looped the "Here's Johnny" track I dropped. All was good and I got a chance to drop my remix of "Sweet Dreams", it had the room bouncing. SummaJae was killing it matching me one vs one with huge party anthems and right at the very end I dropped a "Jiiieeehhhaaa" frenchcore edit I have and with one minute to go the power on the boat died haha I totally thought it was my fault. Weaver and Suae lost about 20 minutes of their set but once our hero Shane Dusfrane (Our raving electrician) found the issue, it was all systems go once again. The day was so good, loved the throwback set from Matrix and Tom-E, Mike Reverie was incredible too with so many of his productions really hitting the dance floor hard. Upstairs was great too with everyone saying how much they loved Jozzis set. Doesn't surprise me as she is one talented mofo behind the decks. Overall everyone had a great time and it shows when you flick through all the amazing photos Jen from Jenesis Photographics took. She is so dam good at her job, we are super blessed to have her in our scene capturing all these amazing moments.

ZOMBIE but not the eh eh eh kind Jakka-B has teamed up with Alex Prospect (both UK artists that have headlined Rocket Science events). The pair have just remixed the classic trance anthem "Zombie Nation" and it's got a phat af Hard Psy edge to it. It's hit my inbox so expect to hear me playing this out over the next few weeks. WHO LIKES FREE SHIT Who doesn't aye, well guess what gang. I've spent the last two weeks working on something that will be given out at HTID. I have an 80 minute UK Hardcore/Hard Psy/Frenchcore CD to give out and all with the permission of HSU. I'm super pumped to be getting this bad boy out and it's featuring a truck load of my personal productions. It's also rammed with the latest music from Stonebank, Darren Styles, Rob IYF, Spyro, DNA, Minus The Crown, Gammer, Dougal, Tweekacore, D-Block & S-te-fan, Weaver, Alex Prospect, Klubfiller, Scott Brown, Alby Loud, Joey Riot... the list goes on and on and on. It's going to be huge and if anyone is free towards the end of the event to help me hand them out, I'd truly appreciate it haha

CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE Huge news from Alby Loud with the Mexican loudcore overlord announcing he will be performing in Chile later in the year. So good to see this guy finally getting about, he's performed in the USA, Japan and hopefully one day in Australia. Watch this space *wink wink* HARDEST OF ISLANDS I am completely excited by the first announcement of Hard Island Croatia, man it's HUGE and it's got so much diversity it's already got me salivating. So keen to see the future announcements but for all of those travelling to Europe this year, I think you should definitely throw HI into the mix!

The OneSeventy rave family all on a MF BOAT

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