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Sefa & Rooler Meet UP

There has been that many events on that the last several weeks has felt like a tiny moment in time. Getting off the OneSeventy boat party felt like yesterday and now I sit and think to myself "WOW" how insane has it well and truly been. I had promised I would write a blog every week but with the amount of things on my plate, it's been next to impossible to keep my word. Time to back track to where I left off. Schools Out So the next event on after OneSeventy was The Drop Zone - School Reunion party at Valve. Such a great little turn out, with all the dedicated locals coming down to have a bit of fun. Drop Zone always brings out the friends that to me feel like family. I dropped a solid Hard Psy set and the feedback I got was pretty good. Usually I don't do the whole set that way as I've become more of a freestyle DJ these days and tend to drop Hard Psy into the sets rather than doing the whole set that way. Was great to see Vendetta7 spinning away behind the decks. Technically he is all class and his track selection although usually much harder, was right down my alley that night. Hard...... Til I Die It's incredible to see the conjecture around the name of this event. A lot of the new ravers believe the name is either Harder or Hardstyle Til I Die. HSU have rebranded the event under the letters HTID to deviate from being specific to any particular genre and the old Happy Hardcore heads are losing their shit, yelling "ITS HARDCORE" haha which is funny because in Australia "Hardcore" is a totally different genre all together. Either way the event under the management of HSU has been breaking ground with new ravers and really giving UK Hardcore a big boost in listenership. Has it trickled down to the smaller events, I don't really think it has but at the end the day for me if more people are listening to our wonderful genre. Then the music is the real winner. How did my day start? Well it started with Caleb Cayza and I running around site in hi viz throwing event posters up to help spread the love and get people aware of other parties happening. We made a brief video to help spread the word on safety with the impending HTID and Media scrummage about to commence. Mainly though we felt the message needed to be made that if you're not well, seek help. There are friends everywhere including DanceWize who I again strongly support. The day kicked off really well with thousands of excited ravers racing through the doorways and heading straight to the merch tents. The merch this year was insane and honestly looked so classy, I bought myself a basket ball singlet and a big ass fan. Please this needs to become the norm, the huge fans are unreal. The production like always was second to none, the staging and visual aspect of the show was so classy and at times you felt underwater when the HTID angel came on and the screens turned blue. I didn't get to spend much time watching the acts as I ran around like a headless chook trying to hand out the free Minus The Crown and Dave PSI HTID Mix CDs. The feedback from my CD after the event has really left me emotional with so many snapchats, insta and facebook stories sharing my tracks and sending me mad love. I paid several thousand for those CDs, totally at my own expense so everyone could take home a little momento, so to get that feedback made me so grateful to everyone who gave the mix a chance. Afterwards we headed into town to kick on at Masif, jumped up on stage in the second room and pumped out a set filled with heaps of my own productions and edits. I honestly was so exhausted after the days adventures that I literally left, got home and slept almost instantly.

Rooler loves Sefa loves Rooler loves Sefa Waking up the day after HTID to a post on facebook with both Rooler and Sefa absolutely giving it to each other was quite literally the funniest thing I've ever read. The banter was funny that literally thousands of people jump onto the different posts on facebook to tag friends and share in the lols. The two boys were staying in Darling harbour and posted they wanted to meet up with fans before they left. So without a second to spare, I raced over the Annmaries place then double backed it down the motorway to grab Marie and down into the depths of Wilson parking, we dumped my car and made our way down to meet the boys. I think the girls wanted to kidnap them but neither of these guys make UK Hardcore so I didn't think the girls would lower their standards for these two :P The meet up was great, quite a few ravers turned out and we all got to chat and have a cheeky hakk with the guys, Rooler is a freak when it comes to jumpstyle, everyone that turned up had their jaws firmly hit the floor when he started doing his thing, the guy was crazy good. Apparently he was in a jumpstyle squad or something like that back in Italy. The three of us kicked on with Sefa and Rooler afterwards, grabbed something to eat and then sent the boys off on their way. Gotta say, they're both honestly amazing guys, super young but also super talented. It really will stay with me as a great memory and I'm just really lucky that the three of us decided to make our way down to meet them.

BrisVegas and the tale of two flights It was like the universe didn't want me to make it to or back. Friday I casually finish work and drive myself down to the barber, get a nice clean short back and sides. Drive home to clean myself up, gather my things, thoughts and then make my way down to Mascot to catch the 6:40 flight. Plenty of time, or so I thought. M5 motorway decides it wants to be a carpark today and a quick 20 minute drive through the tunnel turns into a panic attack riddled hour and ten minute crawl. Finally get myself to my sneaky free parking spot by 6:20 and I leg it. I ran so hard, carrying all my stuff, dripping in sweat from the humidity in what usually constitutes a brisk 30 walk. Takes me a heart beating out of my unfit chest 15 minutes. Breathing so heavy like a 50 pack a day smoker, I make haste through the baggage check, race through the halls of Sydney airport to my gate and to a shocked flight attendant to who looks at me in horror saying "I think they've already shut" all the while he battles with his scanner to check my ticket in. He yells "run down the corridor, they might still be open". I lunge my soaking in sweat self down the path, turning the corner and seeing the door of the plane just about to shut, I yelp "please I'm late, waiiiiit". The flight attendant lifts the door slightly, sees me and says "well get in then" and shuts the door behind me. So dam close but I made it. Massive shouts to the whole Brisbane Ignite squad, everyone from Ajay, Larissa, Trevor and the rest of the crew that helps make what is slowly becoming such a massive night of fun. The Beat Megaclub is such a cool venue, it even has a takeaway shop at the back of the mainroom, legit takeaway shop with nuggets, meat pies and chicken tenders on sale. It's unreal haha just needs more Chiko rolls and I'm all in captain. Brisbane really is blessed with some special local talent, I really enjoyed all the sets and was so proud of Lux who b2b with LeQr smashed it out so hard my feet are still tender. Another lad, although not originally from Sydney but now a resident of our harbour city is Mike Reverie, he played a set of all his own productions and I was so impressed by it. Not that I ever doubted his ability to make some bangers but I do like to watch the dancefloor and see how certain songs translate when played. I'm so eager to see the fruits of his harvest as I know he's been working super hard on creating something special with his brand. From what I saw he is going to be turning quite a few heads when his music reaches everyones ears. I did mention it was a tale of two flights, well someone named Dave decided it would be a great idea to share a few drinks with Lux, then also with Reece and Mike Reverie. The list grew longer and the glasses seemed to draw taller and the next morning I couldn't tell if I was hungover or still drunk. My head was in all sorts and to wake up to a text that my flight had been cancelled sent me in a spin. Grappling with my phone and trying to purchase a new flight whilst trying to get through to Tigerair was a saga. For the life of me, I couldn't work out why the universe wanted to punish me but thank god for good old Trevor who pulled his tired self together and sped me with haste to the airport. Brisbane, you're always an adventure haha

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